DR.R.A.Mashelkar At NIT Warangal..

The great Educationist of world DR. R.A. Mashelkar honoured the NIT Warangal at its GOLDEN JUBILEE celebration on 10 Oct,2009.He emphasised the idea of GHANDHI TO GHANDIAN ENGINEERING …

Mashelkar had a difficult childhood. Mashelkar went to school barefoot and almost gave up studies, in spite of being a rank holder in the Maharashtra SSC examination, because his mother could not support his college education.[3] His personal experience of ascendance from dire circumstances, improvements in India’s infrastructure, and changing patterns of scientific emigration and immigration have convinced him that India is fated to become one of the world’s greatest intellectual and economic engines.
Mashelkar studied at the University of Bombay where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering in 1966, later on a Ph.D. degree in 1969.[4]
Mashelkar is presently the president of Global Research Alliance [5], a network of publicly funded research and development institutes from Asia-Pacific, South Africa, Europe and USA with over 60,000 scientists. He is also the President of India’s National Innovation Foundatiion.

[edit] Prestigious Lectures
Seamless Chemical Engineering Science: The Emerging Paradigm: 9th Danckwerts Memorial Lecture (1994), London
Science, Technology, Innovation: Their Impact on Economic and Political Power (1999), New Delhi
Economics of Knowledge: 16th Dr. C.D. Deshmukh Memorial Lecture (1999), New Delhi
Launching the Indian Innovation Movement: JRD Tata Corporate Leadership Award Lecture (1999), New Delhi
Resurgence of Innovative India: The Challenge and the Strategy – Sir Purshottamdas
[edit] Director on the Board of Companies
Reliance Industries Limited (2007)
Tata Motors Limited (2007)
Indigene Pharmaceuticals Inc,(2008)
GeneMedix Biological Private Limited (2008)
Thermax Limited (2008)

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