Give Yourself A Walk

​*Walk Away* 🚶 from arguments that lead you to nowhere but anger. 
*Walk Away* 🚶 from people who deliberately put you down. 
*Walk Away* 🚶 from any thought that reduces your worth. 
*Walk Away* 🚶 from failures and fears that stifle your dreams.
*Walk Away* 🚶 from people who do not care for you and who are opportunistic.
The more you

*Walk Away* 🚶 from things that poison your soul, the happier your life will be.


*Give Yourself A Walk*🚶

Towards love, peace, kindness and goodness.
*Give Yourself A Walk*🚶

to God’s house and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. May God help us daily to walk in the right direction, to walk towards Him and with Him. 🙏

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