Teachers are Paid Lesser then the Sweeper

          How can you achieve 100% Literacy in India

Hello guys I am going to show the Ground realities of Education in state like Madhya Pradesh where Government is Paying lesser than the  group ‘D’ Employee of central government and even lesser than  a  ‘Majdoor’-A daily wage worker than how can u expect them to teach well.In villages of M.P. government has started hiring teachers on the contract basis with division of –

1.Sanvida Shala Shikshak -III  salary Rs. 2500/month
2.Sanvida Shala Shikshak -II salary Rs 3500/month
3.Sanvida Shala Shikshak -III salary Rs 4500/month and that is also fixed.
      And this is not all my dear friends as the  unemployment is increasing at very high rate there is no option for a Post Graduate Student to earn the money so he applies for these  jobs and becomes a TEACHER uninterestingly.The no of applicant for the 1 seat is more then the no of applicants fighting for the 1 seat of IIT or NIT.
       70% of indian population lives in the village but government makes  the rules only by considering the 30% of population living in the metro.Already they are at the forefront ,by which the gap between Village people and City people is increasing.
   I appeal on behalf of the village people that please once come at the ground level.Try to find out why parents do not send thier student to school.Why teachers are not teaching in schools.
  In private of my village(Bhounra,Distt-Sehore .M.P.) a private teacher teaches at the Rs1000/month.Private school teacher teaches very well at this low salary and a govenment teacher never-evern wanted to interact with student.What is the reason?? why govt. should not handle that particular district or area to private people at the condition that this area should be 100% literate in less budget.
  I am a Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya student and I started my journey from village .I have seen the ground realities pf people who are struggling for the 2 time food how can they send their children to school.
On this Literacy Week I appeal the people and government please  take care of all the Indians by GDP we can not come under Developed country .Make every one to be developed.Then only our dream of 2020 developed Indian will come true.
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