The Life AT Kota -The Ultimate Destination for IIT-JEE

(Author :- Doing B.Tech. from NIT and Selected in IIT-JEE 2007 and Bansalites)

It feels very nice while thinking to go to Kota, Rajasthan ,India for getting selected in IIT the worlds most reputed Institutes where out future is  SECURE and will get the good job ,have good reputation in the society..My son is in IIT and and off-course its  true. But behind all these celebrations there is a hidden truth the life at KOTA sucks you so hard that after coming from the there you will never feel going back there.
      In Kota around 2 Lac student prepares for the IIT, Medical and other state level engineering colleges but the no of students get selected in JEE is in thousads only in Medical again it is hundreds really from Course Class Room. Once our son is there in Kota we feel he is studying, He is at the right place, If he is not selected in IIT let him get selected in AIEEE but who knows what he is doing chit chating with Girl Friends, Passing time in Cyber Cafes, Enjoying Every Week End in Theater or at the Chambal Garden, Not going Coaching at all, Hav made a gang of Friends doing all short of bad thing from which you saved your son/daughter from childhood to till now. This is my personal experience what the students are doing there.
     Kota known as the produces of most no of students to IIT but I would rather Say Kota produces most number of Unsuccesful students who are capable of achieving great but could not achieve due to pressure from coaching and from highly talented peer students. If s students is hard-worker ,Intelligent then he will be selected from any where ,with coaching or without coaching and  the reason for the selection of more no of students is that the  talented students from all over the country comes to the KOTA and they selected in the JEE and give a fame to KOTA. Collectively in Bansal,Resonance, Career Point around 1 lac students are there and total no of students selected is around 3000 what is the % of selection ??? Its only 0.3 Its not a big deal. So be aware before sending you son to KOTA.
The Internal Life of KOTA
The people of Kota are the most lucky fellow to get birth in the great place .In every home around 3-4 students lives and most  of them takes Food also from them and they charges around 3-4K from one studnets per month for students just earn 20,000Rs per monthe without any Investment. Guys seriously speaking you can find the TO-LET board everyewhere everytime  and seriously speaking the house owner even ready to stay in Kitchen to give other room on rent.
   Let us talk about the people of the streets thet have just opened a Tea Shop, a Juice Center,a Cyber Cafe, a Sweet  Cenre and they are earning more then a Doctor Engineer or any other reputed fellow. As you will enter into the KOTA railway station you will start feeling the high standard of Kota life while arguing with Auto Driver from 100 to 90Rs for a little Distance.In Cinema Hall you can not the tickets before one week and local Kota people are complains for not seeing the movie from so many days. 
      Let us talk about the Mental_cum_Personal Pressure its is at the highest level of you life.After coming out from the Kota you will feel this was the highey sucking time ever I had and would be having in the rest of my life. Every year SUICIDES are there eigther due to Study Pressure for Heavy Burden ,Or for NOT Studying , or due to Love Failure.
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