Very Nice Short Story

A person rented his house. The tenant used to feed the street dogs daily. But tenant’s intentions were not very honest. He started selling things that belonged to the house, such as its doors, windows, etc. Finally when he started selling the bricks of the house, the landlord could not tolerate and went to the court,  won the case and got the tenant out of the house.
Now the landlord rented again the house in dilapidated condition to a new tenant who started repairing the house installing windows, doors, etc. The dogs started coming again to the house in the hope that the new tenant just like old one would also feed them.
But it did not happen, the new tenant did not feed the dogs and the dogs started barking at the new tenant all the time.
House: India
Landlord: The Indian public
First Tenant: Congress Party
Second Tenant: BJP
Dogs: Indian Media
😆😆😆😆really super 👌👌👌explanation

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